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Artificial Sweetner Jun 26

Artificial Sweeteners: Lower Calories, But Good For You?

Look at the label of just about any soft drink that has the word "diet" or "light" on it and you're likely to find an artificial sweetener in the list of ingredients.  "Sugar-free" is another tip-off that artificial sweeteners are being used.  And that is precisely the point of artificial sweeteners - they replace the high-calorie sugars used in other soft drinks with a substance that has a very low-calories count, if not zero.  While this may seem like a good thing - lower calories and less sugar, in theory, means a slimmer waistline and lower risk factors for diabetes - however many people have questioned the safety of artificial sweeteners.

Cholesterol Jun 26

If you turn on the TV to watch the evening news, you’re likely to see many different commercials for new medications, particularly drugs intended to lower cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol have been blamed for many age-related problems over the years, such as heart disease. This led to many nutritious foods such as eggs being demonized. But is cholesterol really that bad? In fact, cholesterol is an essential component used by our bodies to build healthy cells. Cholesterol is also necessary for proper fat digestion, vitamin D use, and hormone production. While normal cholesterol levels are ideal, high cholesterol levels can actually help protect your heart under certain conditions. Low cholesterol levels, however, can be dangerous.

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